INOX Jewelry Mix Orange Woven Leather Bracelet

# BR9923

INOX Jewelry Mix Orange Woven Leather Bracelet

# BR9923

Men's Mix Orange Woven Leather w/ Steel Magnetic Polished Tubular Press Clasp Bracelet, 8.5" long with 0.2 inch (H).

Leather and Steel balance each other perfectly in these modern bracelet styles for men. Due to their versatility, many bracelets can easily be swapped in endless combinations to suit a mood or an outfit, limitless options of creating a unique one of a kind look.

Using Slide Magnetic Adjustable Link:

1. Using both hands, grasp each side of the clasp with your thumb and forefingers.
2. Using gentle pressure, slide the clasp apart in an up/down motion until the bracelet is fully open.
3. To close, reverse the steps above.

Watch a video on how to use this clasp, Click here.


Product Details

Name Mix Orange Woven Leather Bracelet
Stock Number BR9923
Department Fashion
Type Bracelet
Style Contemporary
Collection Leather Essentials

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